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It is located in the historical heart of Alba close to  the Piazza del Duomo, the town main square.
This early 19th century building has been recentely renovated with special care taken to preserve the original architecture.

In order to recreate the original atmosphere of Palazzo Finati, we house the works of important painters of the area. At the moment we exhibit some beautiful paintings by: Giuseppina Destefanis, Gabriella Piccatto, Carla Ghisolfi, Mauro Rosso and Riccardo Cena.

All the works are for sale.

Gabriella Piccatto Riccardo Cena Giuseppina Destefanis
Dipinto di Gabriella Piccatto Dipinto di Riccardo Cena Dipinto di Giuseppina Destefanis
Susanna Malgrati Mauro Rosso Carla Ghisolfi
Dipinto di Susanna Malgrati Dipinto di Mauro Rosso Quadro di Carla Ghisolfi
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